Career Journey of Tamajit Mukherjee: Engineering to Product Management Triumph


What are you doing now?

Tamajit is working with Porter, India’s leading intracity logistics aggregator, as a Senior Product Manager, responsible for leading the retention charter at the company.

How did you reach or stumble upon your current profession?

Like most middle-class kids who excel in STEM fields, Tamajit viewed IITs as a ticket to level up in life. Given my All India Rank in IIT JEE, pursuing B. Tech in Metallurgical Engineering was the best course available against my rank.

Tamajit has a background in Metallurgical Engineering, graduating from IIT BHU with First Class Honors and a GPA of 7.6/10 in 2013. His first job was as a Manager at Reliance Industries in Mumbai, responsible for preventive and breakdown maintenance of the LAB plant and leading two teams of inspection laborers.

In 2015, he ventured into entrepreneurship and founded Tailorkraft, Eastern India’s first funded fashion tech startup. With his co-founder, he grew the company into India’s #1 tailoring service, boasting approximately 100k users and a vendor network of hundreds of tailors. He managed the customer Android app, growing it to 50k users in a year through ASO and paid acquisition.

After Tailorkraft, he transitioned to full-time Product Management, working as a Product Manager at Vyapar for about 2 years. Vyapar is India’s leading GST billing and accounting SaaS product. Instrumental in Vyapar Android app’s growth, he managed virality, engagement, and product-led growth features. He oversaw the VCredit digital ledger book’s product life-cycle, which gained 500k users in 6 months. He exceeded targets by 50% during the Vyapar mobile app’s conversion to a desktop app.

His journey continued as a Senior Product Manager (consultant) at BukuWarung, a Y-Combinator backed Indonesian fintech company, from Jan 2021 to Jul 2021. Based in Jakarta, they focus on digital infrastructure for 60 million Indonesian MSMEs. Key achievements include establishing company-wide continuous product discovery, utilizing user feedback for core accounting app development, shipping key modules for app retention, promoting experimentation, and initiating cross-functional initiatives on potential SaaS feature monetization. He briefly worked at Niyo Solutions as a Growth Product Manager, responsible for High-Value Customer growth. Currently, Tamajit is a Senior Product Manager.

Is this your ultimate dream career or just a vocation? Are you still in the search mode?

My eventual goal is to start up again and create ventures with impact. Product Management helps greatly in understanding how to go about doing that without actually starting up.

Did you find your calling? If yes, how?

While I strongly believe that the true calling of a person evolves with what stage of life he’s going through, I’ve definitely developed a great affinity towards building simple and intuitive products that create impact. I think what helps in finding one’s true calling is simply the will and curiosity to try out a lot of things during their 20s, provided their financial and social conditions let them. Not being hung up on zoning into a particular line of work allows us to explore multiple professions and the probability to find something that one truly enjoys and pays well is greatly increased if we don’t settle down early on.

Best market trends and practices in your current profession

Product Management is a dynamic field where most of the work is learnt on the job by being hands on. Rather than subscribing to courses or convoluted theories, the best way to learn Product Management is to optimise for being an understudy to great PMs. As a profession, this line is very experiential and one gets increasingly better with experience.