Reaching the Highest Position in HR: How Sheena Rajans Advanced in the Global Energy Logistics Industry


What are you doing now? 

Currently I am the Group CHRO for a Dubai based Fully Integrated Energy Logistics Company, having employee strength of 2000 plus across 29 countries.  Spearheading the HR and Administrative role.

How did you reach or stumble upon your current profession? 

Masters in HR and master’s in leadership science and 26 years of work experience. Before joining Tristar, I was Board of Director for the Singapore operations and CHRO for an all-India operation for a company called Gajanan Group.

Before joining Tristar, I was Board of Director for the Singapore operations and CHRO for a all-India operations for a company called Gajanan Group.

I was picked and referred by my ex-colleague in Shell.  My current company had a vacuum for the HR role and my ex-colleague recommended by profile to the Group CEO of the company and said I am the best fit.  I was called for a project of 15 days to Dubai, and I did a holistic view of the department and submitted by project.  On successful submission I was offered the job.  

Just to highlight; I never wanted to leave my family and shift to a foreign country, never aimed to move outside India.  It is my 3 sons, who pushed to take the assignment and here I am today, and rest is history.

Is this your ultimate dream career or just a vocation? Are you still in the search mode? 

I am often asked this question, and I am always addled; I never had any professional goal in my life… DAZZLED!!!! But it’s true!!  

I am blessed to have a successful career, and have achieved a lot, which many have only aspired… this success is not because I planned my journey, or I have some extra ordinary talent…. I have the right ingredients in place to succeed, 1. Right attitude, 2. Integrity, 3. Passionate in doing things what I have in my hand without judging or anticipating for results, 4. Conscious soul to do justice to what I am been compensated.  

I truly believe Excellence is not because of talent alone, infact a major part of excellence has nothing to do with talent, and in course of time when you grow to a certain level, ability and talent is the most useless virtue to possess… it is all about the right attitude.  

Did you find your calling? If yes, how? 

There is something still in to be born or yet to be discovered… still EXPLORING 😊

Best market trends and practices in your current profession 

Remote working has transitioned into a culture of trust.  Hybrid working is the future.  HR leaders are to be aware of the 2023 trends and beyond.  

Company need to competitive and economic survival is important but shift towards People-First Culture to remain competitive.  Practice Fair chances to hire those with criminal records (contribution towards betterment of the society), one part of our society that has been ignored.  Many more to add to the list like:

• Offer Child Care Benefits 

• Listen to Employees’ Needs before they voice out

• Soft Skills over Technical skills

• Diversity Equity & Inclusion into the Workplace Culture

• Resilient & adaptable; the world is thriving towards unpredictability 

• Apply new frameworks and management techniques to appreciate and address the organizational challenges and opportunities.  

• Implement new approaches for leading and inspiring a modern workforce.  

• Design strategies to empower your workforce in a continuously changing world.  

• Critically act on the societal expectations for your organization and the social responsibilities of the contemporary CHRO role.