Certificate by Flux Academy

Durartion of the Course

22 Hours

Course Fee


Mode of Learning

Blended Learning

What is The Course All About?


  • Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of Webflow
  • Taught by a renowned Webflow expert
  • Well-structured and easy to follow
  • Includes real-world examples and case studies
  • Active community forum


  • No live interaction with the instructor
  • No personalized assistance
  • Alumni network not well-defined
  • Expensive

Primary Focus:

  • Skill Acquisition

Who is the Course Meant For?

  • Designers and developers who want to add Webflow to their skillset.
  • Freelancers and agencies who want to build high-quality websites efficiently.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to create their own websites.

Accreditations and Rankings

No formal accreditation. However, the course is provided by Flux Academy, a well-regarded institution in the web design community, and the certificate can be valuable for showcasing skills to potential clients or employers.
Foundational (for beginners)

Skills: What does this program cover?

  • Depth and Breadth of Topics Strong
  • Case Studies Strong
  • Tools Strong
  • Capstone Projects/Real World Application Strong
Skills: 29 /30

Faculties: Who are the experts behind the course?

  • Academic/Industry Exp. Strong
  • Teaching Experience Strong
  • Industry Recognition Strong
Faculties: 19 /20

Delivery Methods: How Is the program delivered?

  • Live Interaction Limited
  • Self-Paced Strong
  • Assessment Strong
  • Community Strong
  • Collaborative Moderate
Delivery Methods: 21 /30

Career Assistance: How does the program support career growth?

  • Mentoring Moderate
  • Personalized Assistance Not Applicable
  • Alumni Network Strong
  • Industry Partnerships Not Applicable
Career Assistance: 6 /15

Student Satisfaction and Feedback: What Do Students Say About the Course?

  • Feedback & Improvement Strong
Alumini Feedback: 5 /5

Benchmark Labels:

Strong (75-100%): This indicates the course demonstrates exceptional strengths in this area, exceeding expectations.
Moderate (50-74%): This signifies the course performs adequately in this area, covering essential aspects.
Limited (25-49%): This highlights areas where the course could significantly improve to provide a more comprehensive learning experience.
Very Limited (1-24%): This indicates the course offers minimal coverage or resources in this area.
Not Applicable: This indicates that this criteria is not available for this course.

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Alumni Feedback Form

Skills: What does this program cover?

Faculties: Who are the experts behind the course?

Delivery Methods: How is the program delivered?

Career Assistance: How does the program support career growth?

Acquired new skills in my area of expertise
Gained practical hands-on experience through assignments
Built a professional network by connecting with instructors and fellow learners
Expanded career opportunities and job prospects
Opened doors to new industries or job roles
Secured a new job through the course
Prepared for professional certifications or examinations
Stayed updated with industry trends and advancements
Accessed resources and materials for future reference
Received a promotion
Received a pay raise
Other (please specify)