Participants who pass the CISA exam earn the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification.

Durartion of the Course

22 hours

Course Fee


Mode of Learning

Integrated Learning

What is The Course All About?



  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers all five domains of the CISA exam syllabus.
  • Live Instructor-Led Sessions: Offers real-time interaction and Q&A with instructors.
  • Exam Preparation Focus: Specifically designed to prepare learners for the CISA exam.
  • Reputable Provider: KnowledgeHut is a well-established training provider.


  • Limited Depth and Hands-On Experience: Primarily focuses on exam preparation rather than deep dives and practical application.
  • Limited Community Interaction: Lacks a dedicated course-specific community forum.
Primary Focus: Certificate Acquisition & Skill Acquisition

Who is the Course Meant For?

  • IT professionals aspiring to become Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISAs).
  • Internal and external auditors seeking to validate their skills and knowledge in IT audit, control, and security.
  • IT security professionals aiming to expand their expertise into IT auditing.
  • Risk management professionals interested in understanding IT-related risks and controls.

Accreditations and Rankings

CISA certification by ISACA, a globally recognized IT audit certification.
Advanced (for experienced learners)

Skills: What does this program cover?

  • Depth and Breadth of Topics Strong
  • Case Studies Moderate
  • Tools Moderate
  • Capstone Projects/Real World Application Not Applicable
Skills: 14 /30

Faculties: Who are the experts behind the course?

  • Academic/Industry Exp. Strong
  • Teaching Experience Strong
  • Industry Recognition Moderate
Faculties: 15 /20

Delivery Methods: How Is the program delivered?

  • Live Interaction Strong
  • Self-Paced Not Applicable
  • Assessment Strong
  • Community Moderate
  • Collaborative Not Applicable
Delivery Methods: 14 /30

Career Assistance: How does the program support career growth?

  • Mentoring Not Applicable
  • Personalized Assistance Not Applicable
  • Alumni Network Not Applicable
  • Industry Partnerships Not Applicable
Career Assistance: 0 /15

Student Satisfaction and Feedback: What Do Students Say About the Course?

  • Feedback & Improvement Strong
Alumini Feedback: 5 /5

Benchmark Labels:

Strong (75-100%): This indicates the course demonstrates exceptional strengths in this area, exceeding expectations.
Moderate (50-74%): This signifies the course performs adequately in this area, covering essential aspects.
Limited (25-49%): This highlights areas where the course could significantly improve to provide a more comprehensive learning experience.
Very Limited (1-24%): This indicates the course offers minimal coverage or resources in this area.
Not Applicable: This indicates that this criteria is not available for this course.

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Alumni Feedback Form

Skills: What does this program cover?

Faculties: Who are the experts behind the course?

Delivery Methods: How is the program delivered?

Career Assistance: How does the program support career growth?

Acquired new skills in my area of expertise
Gained practical hands-on experience through assignments
Built a professional network by connecting with instructors and fellow learners
Expanded career opportunities and job prospects
Opened doors to new industries or job roles
Secured a new job through the course
Prepared for professional certifications or examinations
Stayed updated with industry trends and advancements
Accessed resources and materials for future reference
Received a promotion
Received a pay raise
Other (please specify)