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How ivanooo works

Your personalized career assistance to assist you in identifying your career goals and help achieve them:

  1. Discover a career

  2. Find a better opportunity

  3. Transition to a new career

  4. Acquire a new skill

  5. Find a better offer

  6. Fast track in the current career

Talk to us now or schedule a free assessment with our career guidance expert. We will assist you in assessing your skills and identifying career goals

Based on the goals and your skillset, we will run a skill-gap analysis which will help in finding out areas you can work on to build a better career

Once the analysis is done, you will be recommended experts who can offer the best guidance. We can also suggest some courses and institutions which will help improve your portfolio to suit industry needs

Get access to an all-inclusive dashboard where you can track recommendations. In case of further clarification, you can schedule one-on-one sessions with career experts


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