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The online Digital Marketing course based in Dubai is an up-to-date course inclusive of latest tools, platforms, trainings and certifications that will push you ahead of the crowd and help you succeed in your Digital Marketing goals.

What you'll do

Our Growth Marketing Program is quite different from traditional digital marketing.
• While traditional Digital Marketing has an old school approach of focusing on social media posts, ad campaigns and so on, growth marketing incorporates those as well as a full flywheel approach where the end is not the conversion, but the nourishment continues till one convert to many.

• Growth marketers unlike traditional marketers do not focus on individual people specialised on certain aspects of marketing. They follow the T-shaped Marketer framework where they all have a basic understanding of concepts like storytelling, statistics & Excel, funnel marketing and other knowledge on Marketing foundation while they also specialise in multiple creative fields and channels like Business Development, SEO, Content Marketing etc.

• Companies like Facebook, Uber and Air bnb have experimented and implemented growth digital marketing and have succeeded in goal conversions, double the rate in half the time which is a testimonial in itself.

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From $199
15-Jul-2021 $199
2 days/ week Enroll Now
15-Jul-2021 $199
2 days/ week Enroll Now

What You Will Learn

  • Develop a growth mindset before you start so that it lasts.
  • Learn about the 4C’s – (customer, content, channels & conversions)
  • Know your customer’s personality, goals and be aware of user journey.
  • Get to know about different channels and map them.
  • Set goals & build a marketing funnel for your audience.
  • Build a 100 true fan base model.
  • Evaluate the customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Analyse customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Learn keyword research process by identifying seed keywords and keyword mapping.
  • Learn keyword grouping and content planning.
  • Learn content type, format & intent from SEO perspective.
  • Know your audience, their intent, interest & interactiveness.
  • How to create a web portal/webpage for your business.
  • Know how to perform SEO based on local searches to reach local audience.
  • Build internal and external links for your website.
  • Learn how your business website will be crawled and indexed in order to rank on Google with Technical SEO aspects.
  • Mobile SEO which means optimising the website for perfect user experience on mobile devices.
  • Know what is affecting your page load speed and how you can improve it for better user experience.
  • Use Google My Business where customers can review your business for authenticity.
  • Learn how to have a local listing for your business.
  • Use schema mark ups to get back with better search query satisfaction in SERPs.
  • Know how schema shows in SERPs.
  • Learn on page SEO elements like content, header tags, meta titles and description and so on to optimise the webpage and make it rank on Google.
  • Know about HTML tags like meta tags, H1, H2 tags, Title Tags and so on.
  • Create rich and relevant content that is beneficial from SEO perspective.
  • Learn the workings of Google Search Console, an analytics tool used to monitor your webpage’s performance in SERPs.
  • Use the entire search and display networks of Google Network.
  • Advertisement types and formats.
  • Learn about advertisement extensions to increase your CTR
  • Types of Keyword matches.
  • Best practices for advertisement text or content.
  • Build working keyword strategies.
  • Learn tricks of PPC bidding and budgeting for Google advertisements.
  • Structure of an adwords account.
  • Learn to optimise Digital Marketing particularly advertising campaigns.
    Targetting the Google Display Network for advertising.
  • Formats of Display advertisements.
  • Tracking of goal conversions and remarketing strategies.
  • Customise your searched advertisements for old visitors by using RLSA and dynamic remarketing.
  • Advertisement optimisation.
  • All about YouTube marketing and advertisement formats.
  • Campaign creation for Youtube.
  • SEO for YouTube advertisements.
  • Video campaign optimisation strategies.
  • Key social media concepts.
  • Goals for social media.
  • Setting of goals and prioritising them.
  • Implementation of various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat and so on.
  • Increase visibility by utilising social media calendar to your advantage.
  • Stay up to date with new social challenges.
  • Prioritise on listening first.
  • Take advantage of Facebook groups and pages by analysing insights.
  • Know about Facebook promotions, offers and events in order to promote your business the right way.
  • Set goals and target the correct market and audience.
  • Schedule your marketing strategies and deliver on them.
  • Learn about LinkedIn groups.
  • Know Instagragram trends, stories and hashtags.
  • TikTok short clips, live videos and hashtags.
  • Know about user behaviour by tracking pixels.
  • Create social media marketing funnels.
  • Learn about social media account structure and advertisement types.
  • Perform research and development on audience building and nurturing.
  • Set up and optimise social media advertisement campaigns.
  • Create relevant advertisement content.
  • Learn about key e-mail marketing concepts.
  • Know about e-mail campaign process.
  • Capture online data.
  • Learn segmentation.
  • Design e-mails.
  • Study user behaviour.
  • Know your user’s personality and goals.
  • Know more about e-mail d elivery.
  • Design and optimisation of push notifications.
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What You Will Get

Platforms & Tools

How does it work

How does it work

To assist you in identifying your goals and help achieve them.

What will be assessed?

  • Goals
  • Skill Rating
  • Ongoing assessment to meet your objectives.

Externship refers to virtual employment. Avail this modern trend in employment. Join real companies and become their virtual employee. Solve real problems, get hands-on real-time experience, assess your gaps and then either get the same job or other curated opportunities.

What will you receive?

  • Virtual Employment
  • Portfolio - it can be showcased with your CV

While enactment, you will realize your skill gaps and struggles which then can be explored. You can explore various skills and attend live masterclasses from experts and doubt clearing sessions to meet those gaps.

What will you receive?

  • Online Live masterclasses
  • Live Coaching.
  • Doubt Clearing

Experience comes in the form of job assistance services, mentorship or even getting connected with on-field experts who help you achieve your career goals.

What will you receive?

  • Job Assistance*



Career assistance service to fina a suitable opportunituy - Resume writing, Interview Coaching

Meet Your Instructor

Firoz Khan
E-commerce Expert

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I am a Growth Digital Marketing professional with over 8 years of expertise, specialized in working with established companies for securing and growing their business.  I have assisted organizations in acquiring and retaining customers from various digital channels by using multiple growth strategies.
Being part of two world-class cities (Singapore & Dubai) helped me acquire expertise and insights by understanding the patterns and underlying principles of the digital fields.
1) Featured in Today’s Manager magazine (August edition) for the CRM project, which I completed for Hobbs Holdings, Singapore:
2) Google Adwords Certification.
3) Facebook Blueprint Certification.
4) ‘Learning How to Learn” course by UC San Diego (Coursera)
1. [Series A ] – Increased PPC CTR and optimized to reduce the budget by 10% and generated 1.5 million sales within 3 months which was the break-even mark. Increased basket value from $185 to $175.
2. – Decreased the cost per acquiring from $25 to $15.
3. – 20% increase in brand recall
4. –  Automated CRM and operational software and brought about a 30% increase in online sales.
5. – Helped social media organic traffic increase by 200%.
6. – A creative marketing stunt is being conceived to create brand awareness.
7. – Generated 500 leads for Hot Air Balloons, Dubai.
8. – There has been a 200% audience growth in the top funnel and 15% conversation from the top of the funnel audience. ROAS 400%.
9. – Helped build the audience profiling and target segment for social media.

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