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Under the umbrella of job assistance, there are various services we provide to make your job search an easy task. Some services are:



You will receive a 1-on-1 session with an expert career consultant who will not only analyse your profile and aptitude but also counsel you towards what career path that will work best for you. This service is free. Everybody can avail it.



It is important to have a professional looking resume and cover letter before you apply for a job. So, this service is provided where professional writers receive your CV, rewrite it according to industry standards and make a cover letter which would highlight the correct skills and expertise in your CV.



Having LinkedIn profile is a necessity. We provide services to optimize your profile in a manner that it gains maximum visibility from employers.



After your CV is distributed in the market, we also assist with your job hunt. We personally curate jobs suited to your profile and keep you updated week on week with job opportunities you can apply for.



The job hunt does not end with a professional looking CV sitting with you. It needs to reach the right people who are looking for employees with your skill set. So, we impart resume distribution assistance helping you reach the correct job market.



Cracking an interview requires skills. That is something we prepare you with here. We give professional interview coaching where you will master the art of cracking interviews and build confidence before appearing for real time ones.

Program Package

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Program Package

Career Guidance

  • Free Resume Review
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn PROFILE Optimization
  • Resume Distribution
  • Job Hunt
  • Interview Coach




Sample Work


Our professional services go through various stages to provide you with the best assistance possible. Delve in deep to find out more.

Our writers are not just any writers but from the field of recruitment. They possess market knowledge and have experience which makes them better suited to writing a resume that will attract employers.

It is important to scour the market you are writing the CV for because requisites are varied in different markets. Having experience in writing resumes for diverse markets thus, is an added advantage that our resume writers possess.

However, being completely dependent on a person for your resume is not a good practice as no one knows your goals better than you. So, we have opened the line for interaction where you will constantly communicate with your writer and together make the best working resume on both professional and individual fronts.

Our resume writing service literally means writing. We do not modify your old resume and present it fresh. With the help of a questionnaire sent to you, we get informed about your goals and other details. This helps us make a fresh resume from scratch that is not influenced but a complete new product.
Employers mostly require a cover letter attached with your resume so that in one glance, they know your profile suitability and interest in the offered job role. A cover letter introduces you to the employer while informing him how the company will benefit from hiring you.

This is about first impression by focusing on your skill set and interests and whether they make you hirable. It is thus essential to have a good cover letter. Our writers have written cover letters for various job roles across UAE which have never failed to make a lasting impression.
Your LinkedIn profile is like your resume on a social platform where employers can visit and easily get all the information your physical resume holds along with some additional social background knowledge. It is the top choice among recruiters today. It is, however, not advisable to duplicate your physical resume here.

A lot of research has gone into how to perfect your social presence. We raised our standards by looking at multiple top level management profiles to know what the best profile needs. Our style of writing and optimization makes you visible as a brand or product with the spotlight on your skills and interests that appeal to an employer.

All details in the LinkedIn profile are filled in informatively and without influence so the profile becomes individual and stands out. Our dedication towards your profile showcases when the audience increases and engages with it. You build stronger and lasting connections that produce good outcomes.
Resume distribution is the connecting link between employers and employees where your resume is distributed in the market and made available for employers to seek you and you to seek them.

A lot of work has gone into getting to know all range of companies from the middle up to large scale ones across the Middle East market. Once entrusted to us, you can be sure that your resume will reach only the best organizations seeking you.

We have the top-rated servers at play making sure that your resume does not remain in the trash or spam box of the employers but reach their inboxes where it will be noticed. Compared to our competitors, our mail servers send 100s of emails every second making sure no opportunity is missed.
At Ivanooo, we impart the services that will not only distribute your resume to employers, but also do the job hunting for you. Our experts then filter these jobs down manually to curate a job list that suits both you and your recruiter’s requirements.

The process includes us sending you a form where details like remuneration, designation, and so on are inquired and once we collect that data, we customize the available jobs and filter out the ones you do not meet the requirements for and keep you posted about these openings every 10 days.

Our research work is major. We make sure you only get job listings from direct employers. There is no in between person. We scour the needs and get back to you with feasible options only.

There is another level of filtering. Once we send you jobs, you are required to approve them for a complete search but if we find most of it are being rejected, we analyze why and filter them out again providing better opportunities so that you only get job offers that works for you. This service is valid for only 6 months post order.
After a customized job hunt that provides you with the best fit, we even assist with your application. We analyze and put in relevant keywords in your application so as to complete the application successfully.

Varied profiles need varied resumes and cover letters. We modify them according to the job roles each organization describes so that each resume and cover letter is different from each other and focuses on the skills required for getting a particular job call.

We also create an email id for you where the progress of your applications is tracked and you receive fortnightly reports about the same. So, what we do is clear to you and there is no confusion amidst various applications.


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