The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language.

What you'll do

Learn about the test format and assessment criteria for IELTS Speaking and Writing during the live classes. You will practice speaking during the live classes and can write and get feedback .

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20Th AUG 2021 $199

What You Will Learn

Listening strategies and subskills,
listening practice with test

Reading strategies and subskills,
practice with test material

Writing strategies, discussion of
assessment criteria, analysis of
sample questions and answers,
writing practice with detailed

Speaking strategies and subskills,
video watch and discussion of
assessment criteria, speaking
practice with feedback.

Two mock tests with detailed
feedback session

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What You Will Get

Platforms & Tools

How does it work

How does it work

To assist you in identifying your goals and help achieve them.

What will be assessed?

  • Goals
  • Skill Rating
  • Ongoing assessment to meet your objectives.

Externship refers to virtual employment. Avail this modern trend in employment. Join real companies and become their virtual employee. Solve real problems, get hands-on real-time experience, assess your gaps and then either get the same job or other curated opportunities.

What will you receive?

  • Virtual Employment
  • Portfolio - it can be showcased with your CV

While enactment, you will realize your skill gaps and struggles which then can be explored. You can explore various skills and attend live masterclasses from experts and doubt clearing sessions to meet those gaps.

What will you receive?

  • Online Live masterclasses
  • Live Coaching.
  • Doubt Clearing

Experience comes in the form of job assistance services, mentorship or even getting connected with on-field experts who help you achieve your career goals.

What will you receive?

  • Job Assistance*



Career assistance service to fina a suitable opportunituy - Resume writing, Interview Coaching

Meet Your Instructor

Sunil Panjani
English Language

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Sunil Panjani is a professional tutor with an experience of over 15 years. He teaches IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, PR, and other study-abroad courses. He holds a degree in B.Com (Hons) and a PG Diploma in Business Administration. In his 15 years of teaching experience both online and offline, he successfully coached 2000+ students. His students are from India and abroad countries like Canada, US, Australia, and the Middle East. Several students have scored a full score in PTE (90/90), and many achieved a perfect 9 in Reading/Listening in IELTS under his guidance. The courses he teaches are primarily an assessment of the students in the context of proficiency in the English language. Since the students background varies considerably, the teaching methodology must be a bespoke method, according to him. Sunil also believes that Psychology is a huge factor, apart from patience and motivation.

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