How to become a Robotics Engineer?
How to become Robotics Engineer

What do you need to learn & why?

To be a good robotics engineer first you need to decide which branch you want to work in
because robotics is a vast field including software, electronics, electrical, mechanical.
Depending on that you need to decide the skills but the common skill needed is enthusiasm for
robotics and keen in contributing to the world of automation, logical skills, good communication
skills to convey your thoughts and ideas to others and eagerness to learn.

Step by step learning path:

So after deciding which branch you want to perceive you can go ahead by learning the

Software – Start by learning programming languages like C++, Java, Python, ROS, Kotlin
and also object oriented programming and IDE approach. Apart from that also if you are
interested in ML or AI you need to learn CNN and also deep learning.
Few resources

Electronics -You can start by embedded engineering either diploma or B tech and then you can learn about
different boards like arduino programming, raspberrypi, stm32 programming, etc.
Also, PLC programming and hmi interaction with SCADA

Electrical -Need to learn all the circuit connections with a proper diploma or degree in electrical
engineering. Then about power distribution and how to optimize the battery performance and
getting optimum output.

Mechanical – Learn about different softwares needed for cad designing and analysis like a
Autocad, NX, Catia, Solidworks, ANSYS etc.
Need a proper practical course for this with hands-on experience in manufacturing, toolkits and

How much time will it take?

It all depends on how much input you give and can’t say much about time before but for diploma
courses it takes 3 years and then degree 4 years

Where to learn?

Few good courses i will mention below

  1. EDX
  2. Omron
  3. Universal Robot

How to secure your job in Robotics?

Job is difficult at first with good salary but doing relevant internship helps a lot.