• Cost per acquiring one customer
  • Cost per action calculation
  • New idea search Unlocking the customer value chain decoupling, market networks & niche market
  • eCommerce business model General retail model, subscription drop shipping & virtual products
  • Cost structure & pricing
  • Addressable Market Size
  • Mindset – offline model is not to replicated
  • Evaluating market viability
  • Conducting competitive analysis
  • Customer segments persona & pain points

  • Self-hosted vs hosted
  • Setting up your store
  • Development basics
  • Cost of development
  • Online marketplace and Fulfillment services (amazon FBA, and noon)

  • Sales funnel (customer acquisition & retention)
  • Sample ads & content (best creative examples)
  • Content asset collection method
  • Pillar page search optimisation & google shopping
  • Social commerce & advertising
  • Chatbot referral engagement Campaigns -viral co-efficient
  • First 1000 customers plan
  • Email automation

  • Automate shipping and collections
  • Payment gateway options Paypal and other lean payment options

  • Required skillsets (Graphic, copywriting development, strategy, community)
  • Tools for automation

The Advantage

Career Objective Assessment

Session to understand your requirements to help achieve your objectives.

Live Project

In this project, you can choose your own company or a Sandbox B2C or B2B product

Hands On Experience

Learn by doing real-world projects and developing a portfolio

On-Going Expert Guidance

will be provided through out the course

1-1 Mentor Support

Get 1:1 help from a mentor

Learning Approach

Bite-Size Explanations

Spaced Repetition

Recall Exercises

Platforms & Tools