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You may be looking out for courses to upskill yourself in order to find better opportunities or further progress your current career. Whatever your career goal might be, let us help you with unbiased course & institute recommendations. Upload your resume and let us do a free skill assessment.


    • Fill the form.
    • Upload the resume and select your preferred course.
    • Our team would do a skill gap analysis and let you know the gaps in your profile.
    • After the assessment, you can opt to select any of our packages to get complete recommendations.


We are different from our competitors. We help you with unbiased course recommendations when it comes to your skill acquisition. Our experts would gauge your background and skill gaps and recommend the most relevant course with options which can close your skill gaps. Recommendations include the training place where you can go to for learning.

In the normal scenario, when it comes to acquire any skill in order to upskill yourself, you would go and do a Google search from where you will be taken to portals where they have compiled a list of all the institutes,and you end choosing one without any clue whether there quality of training is commendable or not. We pay personal attention to these matters and make sure you receive only the best and are made aware of the curriculum and quality that you are about to receive. When you are knowledgeable, you choose better.



Skillset Recommendation

In this service you are informed about your skill gaps. What you need to learn or polish in order to make your profile fit the modern industry standards. This will not only help in upskilling you to be a better resource but also align your passions.


Course Recommendation

Here, we provide you various course recommendation that you should be learning about in order to meet your skill gaps. Various courses are recommended to you so that you can choose the one you feel might help you achieve your objectives.


Institute Recommendation

We provide you with impartial institute recommendations where you can avail the courses that are required to meet your skill gaps. We do not advertise but research and choose the best option for you.


Modules Where to
What you need
to learn & why?
Step by step
learning plan
How do
you practice
How much
time will take



  • Courses
  • Sites/Books
  • How do you practice
  • Pillars (Hardskills)
  • Softskills
  • Mindsets
  • How much time will take
  • Roadmap
  • Learning curve

Where to learn?

What you need to learn & why?

Step by step learning plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What we are frequently asked.

Yes, absolutely. If you just wish to enrol in the career assessment program now. You will find it under the service program called Learn. However, if you decide to get detailed guidance from our expert coaches regarding Career Counselling for class 10 or 12 students, you always have the option to upgrade to the Explore program. You can avail this upgrade anytime later by just paying the difference.
While there is no right time to take a scientific approach to your career, we believe the earlier, the better. Career Counselling for students in Class 10 or Class 12 should ideally begin when the student just enters Class 10 or 12. Career Counselling is a discovery process, and an early start allows you to make it more structured. So, you are aware of your goals ahead of time. While Counselling after 12th may be slightly delayed, we always welcome students who seek Career Counselling support at any stage in their lives. It is never too late to consult an expert and make an informed choice.
The entire process takes 2.5 hours. However, you don’t need to cover it in a single sitting. It autosaves and thus, you can jump back to where you left off earlier at any point in time.
We have various payment options available that are safe. According to your convenience, you can choose from credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets and so on to pay from.
Our career guidance services are easily available across the UAE. However, if you reside outside, do not worry. In the age of technology, we offer these services via video chat (Skype/Google Hangouts) or even telephone. These sessions are as good as the physical ones and most students, even those residing in UAE opt for these due to convenience.
Yes, of course. We at Ivanooo provide end-to-end career support and will constantly guide you even after your sessions are done with. For 1 year, you will receive expert guidance and query resolving time via phone, chat or e-mail.
Parents are an integral part of you and your career. So we accommodate and even encourage parents to be a part of the career counselling sessions that you will receive.
You are in safe hands with the best career coaches in India. Most of our faculty comes from top institutions such as Harvard University, ISB, IIT, Delhi University, and include India's leading psychologists, with 15+ years of experience in the field.
You will receive a one-on-one call from our expert career advisor who will talk to you to know further details about your passions and goals to understand you better and send you an analysis report of the same.
No, we are not tied up and hence do not advertise. You will only receive honest suggestions for following your dream career goals.
We provide skill gap analysis as a service where you will be reviewed and your skill gaps that is the skills you need to get a good job will be pointed out and if you do not have those, we would recommend the best ones that will align your passions to your goals.


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