Categorizing and labeling knowledge

Compartmentalizing and specializing have gone too far and as a result right now our basic instinct is being programmed to derive the difference instead of comprehending the underlying complexity which this universe carries with it. Can we not re-program ourselves to understand the complex nature and appreciate that the same complex nature what it makes the Universe survives.

If we look at our nature, it is visible that all the universal process are in the cyclic motion and all are intertwined. it is a continuous and consistent processes and all living and non-living beings are assimilated and its very coherence exist this world.

Human tendency to categorize knowledge and it became popularized after the advent of the public education system. The essence of the system was found out of the industrial business model and no consideration or thought being lend to construct the frameworks of curriculum.

We Categorize and label the knowledge in order to help to understand our world better, but the damages are latent and it still continues.

The severity of this practices spoiled and all the current global developments are due to this extensive knowledge segregation that widen the knowledge gap hugely and we loose the vision to see the things in a piece. We tend towards to seperate and slice the things and try to produce a vague creation. The ambiguities instill in our nature due to this, whereas if we would have learned to see the complex nature and its underlying principle of the universal phenomenon, it would better to seek the world in its original form.

This absolutely create more clarity in all walks of our life.

We should be working on the education curriculum where portion covers the intersection and cyclic traits of the universe. More practical application of real life activities to be assimilated.

Why don’t we do things like integrate math, writing, physics, art history, and aesthetic design as students replicate Leonardo Da Vinci machines and inventions?