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What is Next

What is the right career? What are the skillsets to be acquired? What are the opportunities? No clue. We all have blindly taken up a vocation without aligning our natural abilities and interest. 

How do you identify your interest + vocation +profession +mission? Where do you start?just do a quick search, there is endless vocations and courses. 

 Here we have  leveled the field where all the experts in different professions to be part of the portal to showcase their expertise and become a guidance provider for learning and careers. 

How it Works

A free career assessment is conducted to gather the requirement, and followed by few experts, whom you can seek guidance, are being recommended. Masterclass and mentoring sessions are curated for you. 


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Career/Learning Guidance

What you need to learn & why l Step by step learning l  Where to learn l How will you get your job 



ongoing guidance for career/learning 


specialty classesinwhich learning objectives are achieved throughin-depth practice accompanied by detailed instruction 



Need expert guidance or hand holding to connect your missing career dots.Guidance and mentoring are required to fast track your decision, if not an average it take years to figure out your career journey.  

Seth Godin puts it, the internet is thegreatest self-teaching resource everbut few take advantage of it, because itdoesnt come with tests, no certificates, no cruise control. 

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