Best online Data Science courses in Dubai
Data Science

What is Data Science?

Data science is a space of study that uses legitimate methodologies, cycles, computations and structures to eliminate data and encounters from coordinated and unstructured data, and apply data and essential pieces of information from that data across a far reaching extent of utilization spaces. 

In associations across endeavors, data social events and assessments have become a fundamental need and Data Science specialists are in inconceivable interest. 

Truth be told, more associations are understanding the meaning of data scientists and this is driving the improvement of the market.

Best online data science certification courses in Dubai

The best online data science certification courses in Dubai can be availed from:

1. Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s Data Science certification course is known for their huge number of sub courses, in subjects as diversified as Hadoop, SAS, Apache Spark, and R. 

The data science course is made for both freshers and experts. The Hadoop Developer course is extraordinary compared to other data science courses you can discover on the web. 

The course is intended for Data management, IT and other analytics field people hoping to work on their insights and build on.


  1. Introduction to Big data and Hadoop Ecosystem
  2. HDFS and YARN
  3. Map Reduce and Sqoop
  4. Basics of Hive and Impala
  5. Working with Hive and Impala
  6. Types of Data Formats
  7. Advanced Hive concept and data file partitioning
  8. Apache flume and HBase
  9. Pig
  10. Basics of Apache Spark
  11. RDDS in Spark
  12. Implementation of Spark Applications
  13. Spark Parallel Processing
  14. Spark RDD Optimization techniques
  15. Spark Algorithm
  16. Spark SQL

Course Fee

People expect, given that the data science course provided by Simplilearn is so in-depth, that it would be costly. Actually, it is pocket-accommodating. You need just $279 to take the independent learning or $239 to take the online course.

2. Cloudera

Cloudera is likely the most natural name that comes to mind when thinking of the best online data science courses. Their CCP Spark and Hadoop Developer certificate is acknowledged all throughout the planet and is led in both online or offline environments. 


  1. Introduction to Apache Hadoop and the Hadoop Ecosystem
  2. Apache Hadoop file storage
  3. RDD Overview
  4. Distributed processing on an Apache Hadoop cluster
  5. Apache Spark Basics
  6. Transforming data with RDDs
  7. Aggregating Data with Pair RDDS
  8. Querying tables and views with Apache Spark SQL
  9. Distributed processing
  10. Distributed Data persistence
  11. Common patterns in Apache Spark Data Processing
  12. Apache Spark Streaming introduction to D Streams
  13. Working with Data Frames and Schemes
  14. Working with Datasets in Scala
  15. Apache Spark Streaming: Processing many batches
  16. Analyzing Data with Data Frame Queries
  17. Writing, Configuring and Running Apache Spark Applications
  18. Apache Spark Streaming: Data Sources

Course Fee

The fee for this data science course is on the higher side but worth every penny. The fee is $2235.

3. Big Data University

With support from IBM, the Big Data University offers courses at novice and medial level. Their e-learning content and recordings can be burned-through at the student’s ideal speed and trouble level. The stage has various seminars on data science among which is the Big information 101.


  1. What is big data?
  2. Big data – Beyond the hype
  3. The big data and data science
  4. BD Use Cases
  5. Processing Big Data

Course Fee

The icing on the cake is this wonderful course is free.

4. Hortonworks

Hortonworks is another famous name in the field of data science. Since there is no authority on Big Data accreditation, their affirmations include great believability inside the business behind just Cloudera.


  1. HDP overview: Apache Hadoop essentials
  2. HDP operations: Hadoop administration foundations
  3. HDP operations: Hadoop administration 2
  4. HDP operations: HDP Administration fast track
  5. HDF NiFi Flow management
  6. HDP operations: security
  7. HDP operations: Apache HBase advanced management
  8. HDP Analyst: Data science
  9. HDP Developer: Real-time development
  10. HDP Developer: Quickstart
  11. HDP Developer: Enterprise Apache Spark 1
  12. HDP Developer: Spark 2.x
  13. HDP Developer: Apache Pig and Hive
  14. HDP Developer: Java
  15. HDP Developer: Apache storm and Trident
  16. HDP Developer: Apache HBase Essentials
  17. HDP Developer: Custom YARN Applications

Course Fee

The courses are somewhat costly. The expenses range from £550 – £2395 pounds.

5. Coursera

A partnered course with  the University of California, San Diego, Coursera’s web based training is comparable to what you’d find on school grounds. Each course starts with the nuts and bolts, and students can take them each in turn, or do a Data Science Specialization.


  1. Introduction to Big data
  2. Big data modeling and management systems
  3. Big data integration and processing
  4. Machine learning with big data
  5. Graph Analytics for big data
  6. Big data- capstone project

Course Fee

The course costs $324.

Along with these courses your basics should be covered. Alongside mathematics and computer, statistics is one of the central scholarly training conjured by those chipping away at projects including data science and analytics. In case you are totally new to the subject, this course offers a non-specialized covering essential and some high level standards and methods that will unquestionably help anybody attempting to get their head around the more extensive field of information science. 

Assuming you need to really comprehend information science then eventually you will face the field of insights and likelihood, which can surely be confusing for newbies, especially if your conventional training days finished some time prior and what you found out about the subject at school is a faint memory. This course clarifies how the measurable methodology is utilized to figure out the data that is wherever in our general surroundings.

HORTONWORKS £550 – £2395